Your browser version is outdated. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version. offers the following hosting plans:

  • Bronze Hosting. Great for starters and individuals who need affordable hosting for simple websites.
  • Silver Hosting. Great for establishing an online presence for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Gold Hosting. The perfect choice for hosting corporate sites. This plan provides a variety of business applications that can be installed with a few clicks. In addition, this hosting plan includes free migration* of your site from another host.
 Plan name  Bronze Hosting   Silver Hosting   Gold Hosting 
 Domains  1  2  3
 Disk space  500 MB  1 GB  4 GB
 Bandwidth per month  20 GB  50 GB  80 GB
 Subdomains  5  10  Unlimited
 FTP accounts  10  20  50
 Mailboxes  5  10  25
 Website editor  No  Optional  Yes
 Instant websites  0  Optional  Unlimited
 PHP support  Yes  Yes  Yes
 CGI support  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Perl support  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Python support  Yes  Yes  Yes


*must have cPanel login credentials and access.